Exercise according to your Sun signs

April 16th, 2010

Work out Astro way…your Sun Sign plays a vital role in shaping-up your body. Choose the perfect sport to help lose weight according to your sun sign. The sun signs do play an important part in determining your personality and your mood.

This sun signs is the one which is always on the go: mentally and physically and that helps to keep the weight down. They are good sports men and motor sports are an integral appeal to them. But be warned: extremely competitive!

Taureans are the lazy bums but once motivated, they work the hardest. Exercise for them is a routine which they take to slowly but will follow for their entire life. For them the ideal way to lose weight is with dancing. Its keeps them interested and motivated.

Gemini are agile and energetic so they should try tennis, gymnastics, badminton and sprinting.

Cancerians are loyal to a single sport. They don’t innovate and they don’t like surprises so for them a predictable hardworking water sports are the best to lose weight.

Leos are incredibly athletic but a little lazy. Once motivated they are incredibly competitive and play to win. Regular exercise is a must for them to stay in shape.

Virgos love to be in shape so they don’t need motivation. All types of exercise are fine and open air exercise works the best for them in the form of golfing, tennis etc.

Librans require something that can be clean and simple to do everyday. Ideal exercise routines should include swimming, etc anything which will keep them clean. Sweaty and dirty gyms do not appeal to them!

Scorpios love exercise and they don’t mind getting a little damaged in the effort. Kick-boxing, Pilates, aerobics: as long as it’s vigorous, they’ll go for it.

Severely accident prone in nature with frequent fractures! But they do love outdoor exercise! Staring at the wall while they do the treadmill is not their idea of a good exercise routine!

This sun sign utterly hates to exercise! But they are prone to a whole range of medical conditions, as they just totally hate to exercise. They need to get moving and the best routines for them are walking, jogging or even cycling. So long as they start moving!

Aquarians love to do creative things. So for them aerobics and dancing is ideal.

Pisceans love pets but they hate to exercise. For them walking the dog for at least an hour everyday or running with them is the best exercise.

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