Ekta kapoor in “Nip Tucks”

June 9th, 2007

I am Gobsmacked, just kept looking at the picture. Go on you can also take a very close look… its no morphing… its real Ekta Kapoor flaunting her assets.

Everything is intact, I mean tilak, boobs and black colour dress, but where’s the bloody bra?
Is she trying to be Janet Jackson or just age taking over her? I wonder who will play the role of Justin Timberlake to pop out those sexy “nip tucks”. May be Mukesh Ambani (her confession on KWK).

Can somebody please remind her she is in India?
Is she really sooooooo desperate?

Any suggestions!! Sunita Menon.

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  1. Hey….

    I would like to know if you have ekta kapoor email
    address if so can you please send it

    thank you

  2. You must’ve got that pic from an all-girls party. BTW she’s only trying to say ‘Look! I got steel nips’… i mean iron lady…must be right. So then even if she marries some Prince of Perversia her kids ought to be robots !!! Hey that’s challenging for robot scientists…whateva…did the TRP rose up?

  3. Ekta kapoor Ko is roop me dekha k to Mazaaaaaaaaa aagaya



    munnnnnhh !!!!

  4. pliz pliz dont end kasturi
    everyone in new love the programme
    kasturi and robbie that couple really rock

    i love kasturi thats my best programme

    pliz dont take it off

  5. well ekta want 2 display dat her nipples are the biggest in the industry.

  6. here is ekta’s id :ekta_kapoor@live.com


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