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May 9th, 2007

Last night I saw a documentary on BBC2 (London) “Super Slim Me.” The writer and TV presenter Dawn Porter was on mission to shrink from her UK size 12 to the much touted super-skinny Hollywood size Zero (which is UK size 4). Surviving on just 500 calories per day and participating in a gruelling fitness regimen.

Watching that documentary I was gutted, because from last few weeks I was thinking I am on diet (preparing me for summer). I had stopped taking my breakfast (no aloo ka paratha or andaa bread), cut down my lunch to just pasta (that to loads of pasta) and in dinner 3 chapati and lots of sabzi. Yeah! Basically I was just skipping my breakfast and thinking I am on a very strict diet.

Dawn Porter was fighting to help the girls walking ramp on Fashion shows. She is right when we look at those girls on FTV wearing “Kata-fata” dresses which no normal human being will wear in their daily normal life. Of-course the lingerie on FTV do really attract me, but still the girls wearing them looks like they are just going to break into pieces in no time like “Bikhara hua Motichur ka Ladoo. Na aage kuch Na piche kuch.” During the documentary I realise it so so hard to be a size Zero, poor girls who have to be just on salad for their whole life just to look good on ramp or just to walk the ramp. Dawn Porter was just on green salad and cabbage soup or just boiled cabbage for weeks, and just quitting your eating doesn’t give you that size zero, you have to be on strict exercise to burn off those calories and extra fat in your body. When you are not eating properly, you tend to have mood swings and go through depressions. You don’t have social life, b’cox you can’t go to places where you can even smell the food (stop thinking about eating) any pub, club or restaurant.

I just can’t imagine myself going through all that even for a week. I am a size 10 UK and I am very happy with it, but I was just trying to put myself in my nice denim skirt from last summer (which was little hard), but I will not go on for such stupid regime of diet. My quitting of breakfast is ok, may be I will quit pasta as well in lunch. Then may be I’ll be able to fit into my skirt (don’t want to spend on new skirt).

peoplecoverLook at these “Mareal” girls, they all want to look good by showing off their bones. They are on competition “whose bones are more visible.” On the cover of “People Magazine” showing Keira Knightley, Nicole Richie & Kate Bosworth are the breathing example of Anorexia taking over Hollywood. I really feel for girls who die of eating disorder disease called “Anorexia.” Dawn Porter was trying to make a point, that how hard it is to be like one of those girls and how wrong it is to be like them. Fashion industry should be responsible for all of this, b’cox they are the one who want super slim models for their fashion shows. I think girls on the ramp should look like a normal girl walking down the street. So that any girl or women can relate to them.

Here’s a chart showing sizes, US vs UK sizes

US size 8 – UK size 12

US size 6 – UK size 10

US size 4 – UK size 8

US size 2 – UK size 6

US size 0 – UK size 4

I believe this documentary has done some good work
1. ”Madrid Fashion Week, one of Spain’s most prestigious shows, is banning underweight models on the basis of their body mass index (BMI).
2. Spain is to standardise its clothing sizes for women as part of a government drive to ease pressure on young girls over their body size.
3. Actress Kate Winslet has spoken out against the proliferation of “size zero” female stars and models.
4. Italy’s fashion industry and the government have pledged to abide by a voluntary code of conduct which aims to keep unhealthy models from the catwalk.
I am still on diet and have decided that I will cut down on my eating forever & ever. Eating too much is also not good. It’s a big confusion, well don’t worry and be happy with what you are. I have a friend “Sudha” she is not slim, but I have never seen her bothered with her weight. Infact the way she carries herself, she is confident and she is glamorous. So it’s all about your personality and the way you present yourself and carry yourself.

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