Make-up Tips For Summer

April 30th, 2007

Looking cool in the hottest months of the year is no easy task. Heat and humidity can ruin your make-up you have taken pains to apply. Here are some tips for you to look and feel cool.

1. Don’t over-do on foundation

Humidity and hot weather go hand in hand in Mumbai, so your skin won’t need lots of moisturising. Opt for a lighter moisturiser to avoid excess oil and unwanted breakouts. Applying heavy foundation is a bad idea, since it will melt away.

Blotting your face with tissue every time you sweat takes away a bit of the foundation, leaving your face patchy. Keep your foundation layer very thin, by adding a drop of water or moisturiser; or dab on some compact powder.

2. Pressed powder on eyelids

If you wear eyeshadow (in summer stick to nude tones only), apply pressed powder to your eyelids to soak up any additional oil before you brush on the eye shadow. This will also help prevent creasing.

3. Opt for waterproof mascara

If your mascara runs, thanks to excessive sweating, it could prove to be a disaster. Instead, invest in waterproof mascara from a reputed brand. This way, even if you decide to splash your face with water during the course of a hot day, it won’t matter.

4. Stay away from liquid eyeliner

Even if you are a fan of liquid eyeliner, we suggest you opt for an eye pencil to do up your eyes this month. It’s a safer, run-free option, even if you end up perspiring.

5. Never leave without sun-block

You have to protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, if you don’t want premature wrinkles and a face spotted with pigmentation marks. Before applying any make-up, apply a thin layer of sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 20, on all exposed areas of the body including your lips, neck and hands.

6. Use sunscreen on nails too

Sheer pastel, beige and pink nail polish acquires a yellowish tint after being exposed to the sun for two days or more. To avoid this, once you put on nail paint, apply a coat of clear nail gloss with inbuilt UV protection. And don’t forget to rub sunscreen on nails too, every morning.

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