The art of feeding toddlers

May 21st, 2006

TOO BUSY TO EAT Toddlers are notoriously fussy eaters. Eating is simply not on the fun agenda of the average one-year-old. You may be surprised that your up-to-now good eater suddenly loses interest in food, will not sit still long enough to take in more than two mouthfuls, and seems to be consuming only a fraction of his previous daily intake. Don’t worry. This is normal toddler behaviour. The drive to master the arts of walking and talking is all-consuming right now, and your little one simply doesn’t want to give up any of his precious time for the boring task of eating. His growth rate is slowing down, and with it his appetite, and although he uses up a great deal of energy by being so active, his body can make use of the extra fat stored over the past year to top up its fuel tank! Try to get him to sit down for his regular meals, even if it’s only for a few mouthfuls, to help him learn that mealtimes are for eating. But in between, let him snack often with small amounts of healthy foods. Make each mouthful count by ensuring that you stick to nutritious choices.

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