Akshay and Saif Ali doting fathers of Bollywood

August 8th, 2007

It’s such a loving picture to see our macho and romantic hero’s playing a role of doting fathers of Bollywood in real life. When we see them on screen chasing heroines, singing songs and doing dishum-dishum, we always stay curious to know what they are like at home with their kids and family.

Now, it’s not like old days, where big stars kids were kept away from media and limelight, treated like a big celebrity. I think things have  changed and bollywood dads are getting bolder and are not afraid of getting out of those closed doors of their homes and spend some quality time with their kids in public, doing stuff what an ordinary father would do.

Recently, Akshay and Saif were seen spending some quality time with their sons Aarav and Ibrahim respectively.

Akshay Kumar took his son Aarav to PVR (Juhu) at the screening of a Toon flick with his sister Alka and her daughter Simran. To spend time with his son, Akki did a morning shift for Priyadarshan’s “Bhool Bhulaiya” and took his baby on a day out. But little did Akshay know that he will be surrounded by several other kids present at the screening at multiplex.
Real fun was when they saw Akki on screen in a promo for Sajid Khan’s “Heyy Babyy” and started screaming that they wanted to see it again. And the multiplex guys had no choice but to repeat it.

Saif Ali separated but still a loving and responsible father to his kids. Saif was spotted taking his son Ibrahim to the neighbourhood mall’s play center of his apartment in Lokhandwala, which is full of video games, car rides and flying carpets. Both son and father did attract a fair amount of attention from the public in the mall, but after a point the crowd gave him space to have a good time with his son. Once Ibrahim was satisfied, the duo headed home.

Ahhh, thats so sweet!!!

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