16 months old…

June 22nd, 2006

Your toddler at 16 months: You’re now really starting to see what sort of character your toddler is developing. At sixteen months, he has his own ideas about what he would like to be doing, eating and playing with, and he never hesitates to communicate his opinions. Unfortunately for him and his parents, he doesn’t yet have the words with which to do so, and this is extremely frustrating. He shares his thoughts and feelings by babbling, pointing, throwing things and finally screaming, while you struggle to figure out what it is he is trying to tell you. It’s a tricky time for everyone, but don’t despair. It won’t be long before his language really takes off and he can be more precise in his communication. In the meantime, try to see the positive side of things: your child is really communicating with you now, and his personality is coming to the fore. Enjoy getting to know what makes him such an individual. Your relationship will naturally grow deeper and more rewarding as a result

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