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May 5th, 2006

5 ways to improve nonverbal communication

Make eye contact:
Eye contact helps regulate the flow of communication and signals interest in others. Eye contact with audiences increases the speaker’s credibility.

Smile more:
Smiling is a powerful cue that transmits happiness, friendliness, warmth, liking and affiliation. If you smile frequently, you will be perceived as more likeable, friendly, warm and approachable.

Use gestures:
If you fail to gesture while speaking, you may be perceived as boring, stiff and not animated.

Posture and body orientation Standing erect, but not rigid, and leaning slightly forward communicates that you are approachable, receptive and friendly. Avoid speaking with your back turned or looking at the floor or ceiling.

Be humorous:
Develop the ability to laugh at yourself. It fosters a friendly environment. To improve your nonverbal skills, record your speaking on videotape. Then ask a colleague in communications to suggest refinements

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