What does your sneeze say about you?

May 5th, 2006

For the Achoo IQ study, Patti A. Wood combined a sneezing survey of 547 people with three months of “observational” analysis, and correlated people’s sneezing styles and behaviours with a personality test. Wood identifies four main types of sneezers:

The enthusiastic sneezer

This is a person whose sneeze you notice — like your grandfather whose sneezes terrify you, or your co-worker who always sneezes five times in a row. Big, lusty and powerful, this person is a charismatic leader and influencer. He/she is intuitive and can inspire and motivate others.

The nice sneezer
No showy histrionics or noise levels; nice sneezers hold it back so as not to offend. If you are a nice sneezer, you are warm, friendly and relaxed. Your relationship with others is the most important thing in life. You avoid conflicts and get along well with people. You are a good listener, though you feel interrupted sometimes.

The be-right sneezer

If you have a proper, dignified and moderate achoo, and cover your mouth with a tissue or hankie, you are a deep thinker. You always consider things before speaking, and notice mistakes that others miss. You have great insights and opinions, but don’t always get a chance to express them. You like to read books that make you think.

The get-it-done sneezer

Bang! Quick and hard. No nonsense. If that’s your style of sneezing, you are fast and decisive, efficient and uncomplicated. You don’t have to rely on others, are forceful and work to get things done quickly. You don’t like to be treated unfairly by others.

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