Smart Sardar in Army

August 1st, 2006

Scene: Trench warfare on Pakistan border, Sikh regiment on one side.

Kartar Singh gets a bright idea, shouts, “Oye Abdul!”

A guy gets up from other trench, “Kya hai be”

Kartar Singh shoots!! BANG. The guy is shot dead!

Kartar Singh shouts again, “Oye Karim”

2 guys stand up, “Kya hai ?”

BANG BANG both khalaas!

Kartar Singh shouts again,”Oye Mustafa!”

2 more, BANG-BANG! dono khalaas!

Pakistanis get worried, they think: Ye Sardarji log, when did they get so smart? They decide to try the trick themselves.

“Abe Gurdev Singh”


“Oye Gurdev Singh!!”


“O bhai, Gurdev Singh!”

This time some one says, “Gurdev Singh ko kaun bula raha hai re?”

Pakistani gets up, “Main”

BANG! He goes!

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