Santa goes to hotel

March 19th, 2006

Sardar Santa Singh goes to a Udipi hotel to have something to eat. He orders for Masala Dosa. The waiter promptly gets him the dish, but is surprised to see that Santa eats only the masala leaving the dosa behind.
Santa then orders for 1 plate Samosa. Again this time the
waiter notices that Santa eats only the filling and not the shell. Waiter is very curious.
Santa next orders for Batata Vada. This time around also Santa eats only the filling and leaves the shell behind.
Waiter is losing his patience and walking upto Santa asks him,”Sardarji, aap dish kay undar kaa hee cheez kyoun khaa rahey hou, kya baaki cheez pasand nahin aaya..?”
Santa Singh says, “Arey bhaiyya, aisee baat nahin. Humaari tabbiyat kuch theek nahin isliye doctor ney kaha ki baahar ka cheez mat khaya karou…

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