April 19th, 2007

For some it’s just another same story, some will say, “oh! What’s new in it everyday you read about rape and murders?”

But for me whenever I read about a girl been raped, it just send shivers down my spine and makes me very very angry. And if it’s a minor girl and a gang rape, its make me feel “yak” for the society we live in.

When I read this in midday, my heart was just crying out for that poor innocent girl. Rupali is just 15 and her friend Sandeep is 19, both were I guess was having some lonely time for themselves in a quiet place, when these 4 goons came from nowhere and hit the boy with bamboo and dragged the girl away under the bridge and raped her, they didn’t finish there and they dragged her into the fishing boat at the creek and raped her again. When she regained her senses, she saw that the men were asleep and she managed to ran away from them and called her mother. This is what happened and what she went through.

I know some people will still blame the girl to go to a lonely and quite place alone with her friend. Poor girl did she know that something like this will happen to her, why would she go there. But “please she doesn’t deserve such inhuman treatment for her little mistake.”

Basically I don’t believe in “Islamic Law” but when I hear these kinds of incidents I feel the culprits should have their both arm cut, specially the man who rape minor girls. So that they can’t even “shag” for the rest of their life.

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