Mr Blair please don’t go

May 10th, 2007

 I was shocked, when Tony Blair announced that he will step down as a Prime Minister on 27th of June 2007. I always admired him, I still remember when he became the Prime Minister in 1997 and was on every news channel. He was dashing and dynamic. At that moment I wished we had a Prime Minister like him for India.

Well we had, not one but two Mrs Indira Gandhi and Mr Rajiv Gandhi (our bad luck we lost them too early).

I don’t think Blair should step down as a Prime Minister, if anybody has guts, then why not fight him in elections and let the people of the UK decide who should be the next Prime Minister. Why force him to step down. Rumours are that Gordon Brown and his gang is behind all this pulling down Tony Blair conspiracy. But they should know that Blair is the only man who can represent United Kingdom with style, dignity and courage. I just can’t fit any other image in his position. God only knows how I will react when Gordon will take pledge as Prime Minister, yeah! You heard me right, Gordon wants to be a prime minister now. I don’t even like his face how will I vote for him. I think if Gordon comes to the power than I will stop voting for Labour party.

Tony Blair made the announcement of his standing down as a Prime Minister in a speech to party activists in his Sedgefield constituency. He acknowledged his government had not always lived up to high expectations but said he had been “very blessed” to lead “the greatest nation on earth”. He will stay on in Downing Street No.10 until the Labour Party elects a new leader – widely expected to be Gordon Brown.

In an emotional speech, Mr Blair said he had been prime minister for 10 years which was “long enough” for the country and him. He thanked the British people for their support and apologised for when “I have fallen short”.
Mr Blair said, “I have always done what I thought was right.”
“I decided we should stand shoulder to shoulder with our oldest ally, and I did so out of belief,” he said of his decision to support America’s invasion of Iraq.

Mr Blair was given a standing ovation by around 250 Labour activists and members who had crammed into the tiny bar of Trimdon Labour Club to see him off. Labour Party is later expected to announce a special party conference on 24 June to unveil its next leader.

About Tony Blair:

Born: 6 May 1953

Educated: Choristers school, Fettes, Oxford

Family: Married, four children

1976: Barrister specialising in trade union and employment law

1983: Labour MP for Sedgefield, shadow City spokesman

1984 – 87: shadow trade and industry minister

1987 – 88: Shadow energy secretary

1989 – 92: Shadow employment secretary

1992 – 94: Shadow home secretary

1994 – 97: Opposition leader

1997 – Prime minister

I have always supported Tony Blair and his Labour party, like I supported Congress in India.

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