Indian killed in US gun rampage

April 17th, 2007

Professor GV Loganathan

An Indian-born man was among those killed in the shooting at a US university which left 33 people dead, Professor GV Loganathan was teaching at Virginia Tech when a gunman went on the rampage on Monday.
Prof Loganathan, 57, came from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. He joined Virginia Tech in the late 1970s and had remained there ever since, working in the department of civil and environmental engineering. He is survived by his wife, Usha, and two daughters.
His brother, Palanivelu, said his elder sibling had been “a bright boy since birth”. “It is a terrific shock, an absolute electric shock. He went with very high dreams and actually he enjoyed… he cherished all those memories,”.

Face of disturbed Killer,Cho Seung-hui

“He was very passionate about his teaching. He always relished those memories and he lived for the student community.
Prof Loganathan was in the top five in his year when he obtained his masters degree from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, in northern India. Family members recall with pride the award he won for excellence in teaching. Professor’s parents, who are both in their 70s, last saw him when he visited India in October 2004.

My heart goes with the relatives and friends of the students killed in massacre. Let’s just pray for their soul to rest in peace.

Please let us all live in peace and Say no to “Guns and Crime”

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