Friday the 13th, Afraid?

October 12th, 2006

There’s so much fuss about Friday the 13th, some people are very superstitious about it but if you think, nobody tends to change the way they start there day, but if you ask people about it then they will pretend that this day really means a lot for them and that they are taking extra precautions on this day.
According to me everybody is so busy in there daily routines, that sometimes they don’t even remember that its Friday the 13th, a very special superstitious day unless they have been reminded of it.

Well I normally do believe in superstitions but today I am going to do a very important job, because I don’t have any other choice rather then doing it today or just forget about it. If I get success I will say I don’t believe in superstitions and if I failed then I guess I have to admit that Friday the 13th is really very unlucky.

So please guys wish me a luck and I promise If I get success I will tell you what my important job was about?

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