Enough of your Sorry Mr. M F Husain

May 7th, 2007

Maqbool Fida Husain, famous for creating controversies and than apolozing. In 1966, he was awarded the prestigious Padma Shree award by the Government of India.

I reckon this old man is totally insane. He thinks creating controversies will give him and his paintings (nude paintings of Hindu Gods) exposure. I have read somewhere he raise money for people in Jammu & Kashmir by selling his paintings for millions and billions. People who buy those paintings must be having a very disgusting taste.

Poor M F Hussain he can’t paint his own spiritual Gods and Saints, maybe fearing a “Fatwa” would be declared for him or he would be murdered in no time at all. So he devotes all his artistic love and dedication for Hindu Gods (painting them nude).

Hats-off to this old mans guts, living in India, getting acknowledged for his work, being awarded by Indian government and still hates Indian religion and gods.

I don’t understand what fun or satisfaction does he gets out of it. He always says that his nude paintings represent purity, then why not he shows this purity for his own religion or gods.

Well! I don’t want to sound like the one who hate other religion and always praise theirs. Wait a minute this reminds me a saying in Hindi, “Apne ghar sheeshe ke ho to, dusre ke gharo pe pahtar nahi phakte.” I mean no religion in this world is clean and complete. There are always flaw attach to every religion. So why degrade other religion or beliefs and hurt feelings of others.

Now he is hiding and being sorry again, but will somebody tell him, we are fedup of his sorry and don’t want to hear them anymore. So just leave India and go somewhere were you can show your artistic purity without hurting other people’s feelings (let me see which country gives you such “Maan & Samaan”).

Here’s a recap why he is hiding: –

Advocate Arvind Shrivastava filed a case against Husain for allegedly depicting Hindu goddesses in an obscene manner in the Haridwar district court in March 2006. The court of Special Judicial Magistrate K S Shukla in Haridwar ordered police to attach Husain’s property after he repeatedly failed to respond to summons to appear before it, including at the last hearing of the matter on April 13. Acting on the orders of a court in Haridwar, the police in Mumbai have begun the process of attaching the property of painter M F Husain. The matter will come up again in court on May 13.

I swear, this time I want to see this man pinned down forever and ever. Painting nude Sita, Hanuman, Bharatmata (painting nude mother India, what the hell was in his mind) and durga, and all of them will never make him a big painter. Some times I think it’s, we Indian who has made him sit on our heads and encourage him to do what he is doing. In Islamic countries his hands would have been chopped off long back for painting their God nude.

According to me he is good for nothing. Let’s just throw him out of our country.

Trust me I am still angry and want to write more about him and his paintings, but I would stop here. I don’t want to upset anyone and sound like a fanatic.

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