Don’t insult our brave Soldiers!

December 2nd, 2008

Mr Prakash Karat we don’t want apologies from you for the behaviour of that old stupid CM. We want his resignation!

Kerala chief minister V S Achuthanandan should resign and he should be made to resign in a way the court-martial is done for a deshdrohi. He should be insulted from head to toe. How dare this “dog” CM insult the father who has lost his only son protecting us.

What are keralites doing! Don’t they have sons in Army, haven’t they still understood what kind of respect their sons will get if they lost their life defending our country or city? How can any family who has their beloved son in Army from Kerala sit quietly and take shit from that CM.

Whatever way the Sandeep’s father behaved, were the actions of an emotional, angry and a loner father. CM Achuthanandan should have understood his situation and console him. Instead he called him a “DOG”! How dare he? Not even for a second he stepped into his shoe and tried to understand what he’s going through. Achuthanandan said:

not even a dog would have visited the house” had it not been the martyr’s

Next shit minister we have is Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi who was more interested in talking about the lipsticks and makeup of female protestors than the damage done by terrorists. He should be ashamed of himself and should resign.  

Resignations of ministers like Shivraj Patil, R R Patil and Vilasrao Deshmukh are message for other ministers to not underestimate the strength of media and public.

Whatever had happened in last few days was not enough I guess that now we have to face these stupid, idiotic, uneducated ministers making fool of themselves, insulting Shahids and our country on international level. Don’t they realize world is watching!

Sitting numb in front of TV for 60 hours watching Mumbai Massacre and sobbing every time when any injured or relatives of the victims of 26th Wednesday attack told their story about how they have lost their whole family. I cried when I saw a 2 year old Jews boy “Moshe” crying out for his parents who were killed by terrorist. I cried with a father who told how his 21 year old son trapped inside the Taj Hotel called him on Wednesday night and asked him to switch on the TV and that he also wants to talk to his younger brother and mother for the last time. I felt helpless, angry and distress looking at cities two top most hotels Oberoi and Taj on fire, Taj Mahal hotel on fire was like India’s pride, honour, history, future, sanskriti and sabhyata everything on fire.

Too much has happened in last few days and too much is talked about, it will take hell of a time to overcome the attack. My heart goes out for our brave fighters and innocent peoples who lost their lives saving ours. Nobody has the right to insult their martyrdom, especially not these coward politicians who walk around with Z security facilities.

This attack on Mumbai has left me shaken, threaten, heartbroken and very very sad.

May the terrorists behind this attack burn in hell!

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  1. in sab politicians ko goli maar deni chahiye!

  2. Don’t get angry at them dude. Laugh them out. They are all jokers. And use the energy saved to actually make real changes.

    Shivraj Patil debates with Sardar Vallabhai Patel on who was the better home minister. Check

  3. U wrote correct …. these bloody politicians .. inko chauraste pe khada karke chappal – jooto se maarna chahiye


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