Celebrating 60 years of Independence

August 15th, 2007


Wishing you all a very


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  1. Happy Independence Day to Sheetudeep.

  2. Happy Independence day to you.

  3. Mera Bharat Mahan!
    Proud to be Indian.

    HAPPY INDEDEPENDENCE DAY. India is “MY” country. Today it makes me sad that most of us we have taken for granted the independence given to us by our leaders, today we see people fighting for silly things, fights on the roads, fights in the flats with neighbours etc..there is aggressiveness and intolerance everywhere, we see more and more youngsters turning towards electronic media,lacking in social skills, not interacting with people around them, everyone has become selfish and materialistic, there are more Old age homes and Orphanages today. ? How many nuns and priests are being harassed in the name of religion? arent we supposed to be a country of Unity in diversity, and our motto that all Indian are brothers and sisters? Is this the kind of freedom our freedom fighters dreamt for us? Who is going to help my country from these social evils???

  5. Bharath Matha Ki Jai… Jai hind,,, India is Great… !
    India should become a super power very soon… for we have to be united and destroy
    Corruption, Bribary,Castiesm, Black money….!!!
    Starting from birth to death every wher bribary… it ruins our nation…
    Kick off corrupted politics and youth should enter in it…
    The only way to make a change is Politics should be handled by youth.. Nation will develop very sooon…

  6. Happy Independence Day to all of you

  7. Anoop and Shilpi: Very well said. I totally agree with you both.

    Anoop: Don’t get senti, its ok we’ll look after the country.

    Happy Independence day….

  8. Hi It`s Independence Day ! Celebrate the free spirit of India and share the pride of being a part of such a glorious nation.


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