10 Defining Moments of "60 years of Independent India"

August 14th, 2007

CNN-IBN is running a poll to find out the 10 events which defines the “Sixty years of Independent India”. The list has been compiled by CNN-IBN in consultation with Mr Ram Chandra Guha, eminent historian and author of “India after Gandhi”.

Which ten events do you think defines 60 years of independent India? Vote and make history.

These are my votes. I am running late, Later on I will add my comments on each event.  

  1. India becomes a Republic. January 26, 1950
  2. October/India loses war with China. November 1962 
  3. Green Revolution. 1967
  4. India-Pakistan War, creation of Bangladesh. December 1971
  5. First Nuclear Explosion, Pokhran 1. 1974
  6. SLV-3 satellite launcher succeeds. July 18, 1980
  7. India wins the World Cup. June 25, 1983
  8. Economic liberalisation. June 1991
  9. Telecom revolution. 1995
  10. RTI Act. June 15, 2005

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