Yana Gupta without her underwear

November 23rd, 2010

So, what’s the fuss if she is not wearing a chaddi? She’s not the first one and certainly not the last one. Just that the function she choose to go minus her chaddi was wrong….Charity for children’s.

Dressed in a short black dress, the actress went commando (she wasn’t wearing innerwear). She tried her best to cover up by giving weird poses, but the damage was done. Shutterbugs got her!

Even though she made an attempt to get out of her car without giving an up-skirt picture, what followed was a series of poses where the Babuji item girl was left further exposed.

Heard Shamita Shetty saying: Welcome to the gang Yana!

She did it few years back, when Shilpa was in Big Brother UK house. Shamita was attending a filmy party in a short dress minus her undies and was sitting next to Mahesh Bhatt.

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