Wild card entries & New face in Bigg Boss house

September 11th, 2008

Monica bedi is trying very hard to get a wild card entry in the Bigg Boss house. Look at her online chat record at colors and you will see how she is begging for it. But I don’t think she deserves a second round, we don’t want people who want to change their so called image or wants sympathy votes from the audiences. Everybody in life has problems and had done mistakes but than one should learn to face them and deal with them. So Monica darling one chance for you was enough! Now please don’t bore us again with all your crying and stories about how you suffered so much in life. We want people who can entertain us, give us good fun show and spice up the thinks in the house. So I would like to see Rakhi Vijayan back in the house via wild card entry. She’s the only one who can handle Sambhavan and Payal. Infact she can also handle Raja & Company (zulfi, lathmaar & Ahsaan) very well, and especially now when she has seen them on the TV and knows exactly what they are upto.

Buzz is that Bigg Boss will have two wild card entries in the show soon, among those who are evicted till now, Sanjay Nirupam, Rakhi Vijan and Monica Bedi. Apart from the wild card entry contestants, there could also be a new entry in the show, a well-known face!

Ok if Payal is evicted this Friday than I would like to see Rakhi Vijayan and Payal Rohatgi back in the show via Wild card entry. And let’s wait for the well know face we get to see in the house, soon!

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