We are westernized now…Mr Mallya!

April 14th, 2007

Mr Mallya what have you done? I think you should just stick to your party circle and larger then life, lifestyle. Don’t you know that India is a democratic country and people are getting into a western lifestyle accepting everything that is done in west.

In the rapid-fire question round on Koffee with Karan, when industrialist-MP Vijay Mallya was asked to comment on homosexuality, his response was “ugh.” That single comment has won him the ire of hundreds of people across the nation and abroad.

Learn a Lesson and Please don’t do “ugh” for anything or anybody without giving it a second thought, doesn’t matter if it is a “Rapid Fire Round”. Money is not everything sweetheart! Try to be nice to people, you are a MP and top of that a human being remember!

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  1. i think he did the right thing. just coz india’s being westernised does not mean that we should do every other dirty thing that they do…..


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