Vivek Oberoi getting married to Priyanka Alva

August 4th, 2010

Vivek Oberoi has stunned everybody with the announcement of his ‘arranged’ marriage. What will happen to all his ladies? Hope this marriage will put an end to all his linkups and love stories.

Vivek will get married to Priyanka Alva in Bangalore on October 29.

Vivek on Priyanka:

Priyanka comes from a very good, educated family. Besides, being the Education minister of Karnataka, her father did a lot of humanitarian work. She has completed a course in Financial Management from New York University. She does fundraising for non-profit organisations. She wants to help me in my work for the Cancer Patients Aid Association and our school in Vrindavan. She is even interested in our Project Devi.

She is very similar to my mom. She is a very private person, she is very real, she loves me for what I am and not what I do. Right from the word go, she looked at me as a person and not a Bollywood actor. She is a beautiful mix of traditional values and modern, independent thinking.

Best Wishes to Vivek and Priyanka Oberoi.

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  1. Good news vivek u got again a bunt girl , missed bunt girl and got a better than her bunt gutthu.


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