Vindu Dara Singh joins Ranbir and Sanjay in “The Game”

April 7th, 2010

Vindu Dara Singh joins “The Game” in the second challenge to Ranbir Kapoor as part of a Pepsi cola commercial. Vindu will be seen as a 11-foot tall gaming character as “Funk-Key”.

Speaking about his look in Pepsi The Game Level 2 and the shooting experience, Vindu said:

"When Pepsi guys approached me with the concept and a sketch of the look, I asked them if they’re making the Indian version of Star Wars! I had to wear a funky orange, silver and green costume, which was quite heavy, and I had to fly wearing in one of the sequences using harness so, it was tough but lots of fun."

It was Vindu who named his character ‘Funk-Key’ as he found the look extremely funky and he is shown guarding a key that Ranbir has to find to reach his Pepsi and the hot WOW girl, Jacqueline Fernandez.

In the first level of Pepsi The Game, Ranbir gets stuck under water and in the second level, Sanjay Dutt – the Game Master sends his under-sized champ, Funk-Key to stop Ranbir from getting closer to his Pepsi. While Ranbir doesn’t find tiny Funk-Key a threat initially, wait and watch what happens when hundreds of Funk-Keys appear in front of him.

Pepsi The Game Level 2 starting April 8, with Ranbir, Sanjay, Jacqueline and Funk-Key Vindu .

“The Game” concept:

Pepsi’s The Game is set in a fantasy world and all the action takes place in a castle owned by the Game Masters played by the original Khalnayak, Sanjay Dutt. He challenges Youngistaani, Ranbir to get his Pepsi from his lair. While Ranbir faces these mind-bending challenges, it is the audience who can help him make the right choices and come out victorious. As the audience gets Ranbir closer to his Pepsi, right answers will get fun prizes and get one closer to the ultimate cash prize of Rs 50 lacs.

The Game is played over five films with three levels, each ending with a brainteaser. Three options are given for each riddle and one has to select the right answer by using one’s mental smarts. The five-week game begins with a teaser film on March 27th where the lead characters including Sanjay and Ranbir along with the ‘WOW Girl’, Jacqueline Fernandes.

Mounted at a scale of a mega Bollywood blockbuster with magical sets, edgy action-sequences and WOW special effects, ‘The Game’ takes the concept of consumer engagement to the next level. A lot of attention has been paid to the looks of the characters. While Ranbir sports an active and uber cool look, Sanjay as the Game Master will be seen in a unique look straight out of a video game.

Says Game Master, Sanjay Dutt: “Yahaan paheliyon ka jaal hoga, dher saara maal hoga… hai bheja to le jaa…” he adds, "In my career, I have experimented with many looks, roles and characters, but playing the role of the Game Master was an ultimate WOW experience. I hope Youngistaan will enjoy the whole game experience as much as we enjoyed putting it together”.

Talking about ‘The Game’, Sanjay said, "Actually this entire concept is going to get very popular. I think ‘Pepsi The Game’ is a truly innovative concept, which is interactive as well as entertaining. It’s something I hadn’t seen or heard of before."

Added Ranbir, “Pepsi The Game’ is a fantastical concept, something I have never done before. Being an avid gamer myself, I was quite amazed by what we were doing with ‘The Game’. I also got the opportunity to work with the great Sanjay Dutt, which is amazing."

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