Vikram Bhatt to make 3D horror “Yama Dwar”

March 28th, 2010

Vikram Bhatt is directing his ex girlfriend Sushmita Sen in his new project. Vikram is set to cast her in his most expensive and ambitious project to date, after three back-to-back supernatural thrillers, he is ready to make India’s first 3-D horror film, to be titled “Yama Dwar”.

Vikram Says:

“How long can I go on tapping the genre in its given format? So I’m doing a 3-D horror film. The concept of the door to the other word is a part of Hindu mythology. I’m ready to tackle the subject on cinema – it has never been done before. But it has to be done on a lavish scale. The technical expertise will have to be imported.”
As for the casting, Vikram says, “It is an out-and-out female-centric film. I need a strong, assertive, beautiful actress who is in touch with her spiritual side.”

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