UK Non Celebrity Big Brother Kicks Off…

May 31st, 2007

As I promised, I am here with news of non celebrity “Big Brother 2007“. Last night it was first day of big brother when the contestants were sent into the house. Before that, the night began with the host Davina (permanent host of UK big brother and not pregnant this time) taking the audience inside the house, to show what the big brother contestant are getting into. She was the first one to enter the house, and I must say the house is getting better and better every year.

Whole house is like a big rainbow, I mean with lots of beautiful colours. Big brother’s own colourless logo (eye) is changed into a colourful eye. bigbrother1Big brother is very good at playing games, they don’t give contestants a very easy life in the house. So this time the washing up sink for the kitchen is far from the kitchen area which is very annoying. Oven is in the bedroom and fridge-freezer is in the garden, near the swimming pool. So just imaging how annoying is it if you have to go round & round while doing the cooking. Bedrooms have two massive beds, I think 5 people can sleep together on each of them. If I am right then two single beds in the corner of the bedroom (or I’ll have a good look tonight and update this). So just imagine boys and girls sleeping together and being naughty. Well that’s what big brother wants! Creating controversies and get fame. Main thing is the Dairy room and its chair. Big brother is famous for creating beautiful and unique chairs for the dairy room and this time they have again done it. The chair in the dairy room is gorgeous with white transparent material and is very comfortable, huge and bouncy (according to Davina). Entrance to the dairy room is also very sexy, when you press the button and wait for the door to open to the dairy room, the colour of the corridor of the dairy room starts changing like a rainbow.

I love it, house is so like my dream house, with lots of colour and lots of smart and sexy things in it, very modern.

Introduction to the contestants: They will be living in the house for next 3 months. Totally cut off from the world outside.

First one to enter the house was twin sisters Amanda and Sam just 18 and student. They are identical, so think what fun they will have with their fellow house mates. Both are blond (dumb).

Second was Lesly 60 years old. Good looking for her age, but bit bossy.

Third was Charley 21. Unemployed and very very ugly with big boobs. She took 60 pairs of knickers with her to the house.

Fourth person to enter the house was Tracey 36. Cleaner as profession and she looked like Jade goody’s mom (Shilpa Shetty episode).

Fifth was Chanelle 19. She thinks she looks like Victoria Beckham.

Sixth was Shabnam 22. She is a makeup freak.

Seventh was Emily 19. According to me she is the pretty one.

Eight was Laura 23, nanny. She’s cute face with massive body and boobs. She loves food and is a chatter box.

Ninth was Nicky 27, Accounts Executive. Her mother is Irish and father is Indian. She was adopted from Mother Teresa orphanage from Bombay in India. According to me she is the ugliest one.

Last one was Carol 53. Fat granny. I think the 60 year old Lesley is much better than this old granny.

Ok guys like you I was also wondering, where are the boys? No boys No fun.
Big brother’s game is to make the girls desperate for boys and then bring the boys in one by one. So let’s wait and watch.
I’ll keep you update, don’t worry.

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