Topless Mandira Bedi in Vogue magazine

January 3rd, 2011

Instead of making babies at 38 look what Mandira Bedi is doing? She is posing topless for the latest issue of Vogue magazine.

Mandira is dressed in a short skirt and is cupping her assets with her hands. Ironically, while talking about the clothes that don’t work for her, Mandira tells the magazine: “Really short clothes, skinny jeans and drop waist dresses.”

She loves her shoulders and back, she envy Shilpa Shetty and Angelina Jolie’s body. These are some of her secrets shared with her readers.


What was the need of this photo shoot???

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  1. […] Mandira Bedi, now Bengali beauty Bipasha Basu has gone topless for the 5th anniversary issue of popular magazine […]

  2. She is sexy, but yeah this is also true that she is 38. we have more younger and sexy girls in bollywood to look at. All these old ladies should stop getting naked and live a normal married life.
    Madira go home and make babies, make ur hubby happy.

  3. Mandira Bedi is a hot chic. She has revolutionised cricket commetating with her spagetti straps and whether she is busy making babies or not is her personal affair. She is a celebrity and has the full rights to show her assets in a socially acceptable,decent manner and this wasn’t any indecent.

  4. What was the need of this blog post?

    Please go be a boring prude elsewhere, moralfag.


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