Sushmita Sen gets ‘I Am’ tattoo on her wrist

March 12th, 2010


Sushmita gets tattoo on her wrist, but it’s not personal or to impress anybody. It’s for a cause, more like it’s a official one.

“I Am” supports in several fields like child welfare, cancer and AIDS research and environmental issues. The foundation is presently working to put together a beauty pageant called I Am, She. Its non-profitable charity organisation runs by Sushmita Sen. Even Sush’s father too has a similar tattoo on his wrist. It’s become a kind of rage in her organisation to get it.

Sush confirms, "There are about 42 of us and counting me, my family, friends, colleagues and some people that I don’t personally know have tattooed ‘I Am’ on their wrists." When asked if it’s a token of their dedication to their job she adds, "No, it’s not a token of any sorts. It’s simply a celebration of our I Am quotients. It says each to their own."

It all started when one staff member got the words inked on her arm. Others who saw it liked the idea and did the same. Soon the news spread around and most employees working with I Am foundation got themselves inked.

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