Sonakshi in bikini on Men’s magazine

December 16th, 2010

Ooh la la…the latest it girl “I’ll never expose” Sonakshi Sinha in bikini, that to on the cover of Men’s magazine – Maxim!

Now before you all get excited and start questioning her credibility, here’s the explanation:

Hua yu, morphed photographs of Sonakshi in a bikini have been floating on the internet, superimposed on the cover of a men’s magazine. The original cover has Sonakshi in one of her most sensuous photo shoots yet, but nothing like the striped bikini.

The fake magazine cover had already become one of the most sought-after links on the web and TV channels were having a field day flashing it.

An upset Sonakshi, who has been vocal about not acting in any steamy scenes in Race 2, tweeted her disapproval of the article, forcing the magazine to publish an apology, but it was too late. Photos are all over the internet.

She tweeted: "I’m on Maxim is right, but the figure (pun intended) completely wrong! Would’ve been smart if they checked out the magazine before writing whatever they felt like. It’s not about me anymore but about their credibility."

Mummy ka gussa, Sonakshi’s mother Punam Sinha blames her daughter’s detractors for the fiasco, “We’re shocked by the levels to which our detractors are willing to fall. The face is Sonakshi’s from Dabangg. But the body certainly doesn’t match. This is an attempt to belittle our family.”

While she has nothing against anyone posing in a bikini, the harried mother, wife of BJP leader Shatrughan Sinha says there were certain preconditions for Sonakshi’s Bollywood foray and sticking to certain dress codes was part of it. She says angrily, “Sonakshi is a young girl who can carry off anything if she wants to. But if she doesn’t want to dress in a particular way, please understand that and leave her alone.” In several of her interviews Sonakshi has said she would never pose in a bikini.

Well, who are we to judge, only time will tell. Let’s give Sonakshi benefit of doubt…what say?

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