Soha Ali Khan in waxing MMS scandal [minus video]

August 23rd, 2010

Spent almost half a day looking for Soha Ali Khan’s waxing video on net, result was zero. And I am very pleased with the result, as I don’t want the petit actress to be in a dreadful situation.

So they say, the actress’s routine waxing session in a beauty salon was caught on camera. Soha underwent a bikini wax session at a beauty salon. Unknown to her, there were cameras strategically placed in the room that recorded her in various states of undress and in some scenes, from close quarters.

The so called video shows her getting undressed and wearing a towel. Over time, her body is revealed. The salon attendant is then seen waxing her body including the bikini area. The video has been made into two episodes with "before" and "after waxing" shots.

Buzz is that the MMS clips are in high demand and available for anywhere between $20 to $30. But where?

May be hiring a detective will solve the problem, got one at home “Agent Vinod”.

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  1. its not a gud action from the saloon staff, they should be punished


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