Sofia Hayat showing her world cup look

March 3rd, 2011

She’s showing her back again…but thank God this time her buttocks are covered!

Sofia Hayat Khan is always know for her bold and bindaas attitude. She hails from UK and is of Pakistan origin had tired her hands at almost everything. She’s dishonoured by her strict Muslim family for disrespecting their culture.

She once stole the limelight from Nicole Kidman at Leicester Square in London for the UK premiere of film “The Interpreter.” She came to the premiere in a very unattractive (sexy for media) dress. She left little to imagine with a gown low-slung not at the front, but at the rear.

Now when she is making her debut with Hindi movie ‘Diary Of A Butterfly’, she’s showing her support to Indian cricket team by painting her back with ‘Jeet Lo India’ message and ‘Paul Octopus’ hairstyle at Shiva’s salon in Mumbai.

Ace make-up artist Shiva gave different look to Sofia Hayat with ‘Paul Octopus’ hairstyle and beautiful trophy painting on her back.

Video of Sofia’s World Cup look

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  1. She’s a UK pakistani slut. what is she doing in Bollywood….Mahesh Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt had thrown her out of “Bollywood Star”, a show to find Bollywood talent from the UK in 2004.
    She was throwing lot of tantrum while the show, so was out of it and a fat lady won. where is that fat lady, she was promised a film by Bhatts…

  2. rubish she’s is’nt Pakistani check out at wikipedia….


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