Sofia Hayat reveals all about Armaan Kohli incident in Bigg Boss (Video)

January 1st, 2014

Sofia Hayat’s new year message to all the fan who watched Bigg Boss. Sofia Hayat famous for all the wrong reason has done right thing this time. After all that much publicised FIR against Armaan Kohli, she uploaded a video pouring her heart out about the truth of her side. She is making her side heard out loud and clear. Taking panga with BiggBoss directly. Hope she’s collected all her payment from BiggBoss.

She is happy that Gauhar Khan is the winner of Bigg Boss7.

She’s taken Youtube to pour her heart out to the public and to clear her side of story.

Sofia in her video also shows her displeasure about the host of the show, Salman Khan that he did not said even a word to Armaan about hitting her. She knows that there was a strong connection of Salman with Tanisha and Armaan’s family. That’s the reason they both were not grilled by host.

It sounded very funny when she said, “In order to keep Armaan off screen, don’t buy the tickets of his movies”. Can someone tell her that Armaan is already retired and off screen?


Sexual Assault Charges

“My Hindi is good enough to understand most things, but I don’t understand dirty, disgusting swear words. The police obviously saw those and levied sexual abuse charges on top, which I thank the police for.”

Gauhar Victory

“I am very happy Gauahar won Bigg Boss,  she’s a very much deserving winner. I love the girl, she is honest, and thank you all so much that you voted for her and made her the winner. She is a strong woman whom I deeply respect.”

Why not on Bigg Boss 7 Finale

“First of all it has been proven by the Police who have seen the CCTV footage that Armaan Kohli hit me, and the second thing is that it is a fact that Bigg Boss himself didn’t help me at that time when Armaan hit me. When Andy was pushed by Kushal , they threw Kushal out off the house. When a woman was hit by a 6 foot man, nothing happened.”.

“I was upset that they invited Armaan. They did invite me, but I didn’t go because I didn’t want to be in the same place as him. I didn’t feel safe being around him.”

Salman Khan being partial

“I was told that there are connections between Armaan’s family, Tanishaa’s family and Salman’s family, which is absolutely fine. I don’t have a problem with that. But I don’t understand why Salman shouted at Kushal so many times but didn’t shout at Armaan. A few people have also said to me, ‘Sofia, you should drop the complaint because maybe it will hamper some of your work.’ I don’t know what the bond is between Amaan and Salman, and whether Salman will be upset about this complaint. I’m hoping that Salman is big enough, but I don’t think he is.”


My father hit my mother when I was younger. I’ve been in abusive relationships. I have friends who have been in terribly abusive relationships. If I had kept my mouth shut, it would’ve been like saying it’s okay. But it’s not okay.”

Boycott Armaan Kohli Films

“If you’re a woman who does believe that we have a voice, if you’re a woman who saw Bigg Boss and thought what happened to me was wrong, if you’re a man who has a mother or a sister or a daughter that you respect – then I need your help. I need you all to make a stand for violence against women in India. You can all do something so simple. So simple but it will make a huge amount of difference. I am appealing to you all to never, ever buy a cinema ticket and watch Armaan Kohli’s movie. If we don’t buy tickets to his movies, then he will be off the screens. He will be shamed in his own career. Nobody will hire him.”

Final Message from Sofia Hayat:

You have a voice, morality, and honesty. These are more important than money and fame. 

What is your take on this VIDEO?

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