Shweta – Abhinav married or not?

February 1st, 2011

Nautanki pati ki Nautanki patni…Shweta!

For the first time on Bigg Boss she confessed that she is seeing somebody called Abhinav Kohli, then she denied when Dolly Bindra entered the house. Then again after winning the Bigg Boss season 4 she maintained that she is single, while she was seen at Ashmit’s birthday party with her boyfriend Abhinav smiling and posing for the cameras.

Then came the news that Shweta Tiwari and Abhinav had actually got married in a very private ceremony before Bigg Boss 4 happened. And that’s the reason Shweta’s ex-husband Raja Chaudhary has been throwing tantrums. Raja is worried about his daughter Palak who lives with Shweta Tiwari.

Now Abhinav refutes the rumours. He said, "I’m not even aware of the wedding. When and where did this happen and who all were invited? I have absolutely no clue where these rumours are coming from! The day it happens, people will get to know. But, as of now we aren’t married. I agree, Shweta has confirmed her love for me and I too love her for she is the most pious lady I have ever come across in my life. But wedding will take some time. And people also need to acknowledge the fact that her divorce hasn’t been finalised yet. Once that happens only then can we think of tying the knot,".

But the most shocking revelation comes from Shweta’s friend Manoj Tiwari, who said: “Mujhe toh Shweta ne bataya tha ki Abhinav unke “bhai” jaisa hai. Abhinav, mujhe pata hai unke ghar main aate jaate hain.”


Basically Shweta made fool of whole country and won Bigg Boss 4, she is such a liar, dramebaaz and two faced aurat. Dolly Bindra was right to tarnish her image.

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