Shweta Abhinav Kohli in People Magazine

February 25th, 2011

After so much drama of Kabhi haan kabhi naa Shweta Tiwari finally opens up about the new love of her life, Abhinav Kohli, in People magazine’s March 11 issue.

The two met on the sets of Jaane Kya Baat Hui in November 2008 and became close friends before getting into a relationship. Due to her past (her volatile marriage to actor Raja Chaudhary) the actress was reluctant to let love into her life again, but Abhinav’s selflessness won her over. If she say so!

Extracts from the interview…

Abhinav stood by me when he was just a friend, and had no obligation to my daughter or me. I thought, what more did I want? A famous or rich guy wouldn’t necessarily respect me.

He was always so sweet to me as well as my daughter Palak. She started loving him and developed some good habits in his company. She started reading good books, watching the right TV channels ¦her speech and behaviour changed because he was teaching her the right things.

We took a year-and-a-half to get to know each other. He doesn’t drink, is with my family all the time, he doesn’t have too many female friends, so he is the complete opposite of what I had before. He is too nice to be true.
I have seen a partner who was never happy with my success. Here, I have a person who is happier than me when I achieve something. He was more thrilled than I was when I won Bigg Boss.

The three months that I was in the Bigg Boss house I knew my family was safe because of Abhinav and if not for him, I wouldn’t have dared to take the show up. And I was proved right when Raja created those problems while I was away. Professionally and personally, I’m really happy just because of Abhinav."

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