Shiney Ahuja rapes his housemaid and confess – “Yes I did it”!

June 15th, 2009

Still can’t believe he’s done it! How sick can a man get and that to a man who is famous? Wonder what his family is going through specially his wife. This incident has proved that whatever our actresses were saying about him was true. He is a spoilt brat, arrogant, bigheaded and throwing tantrums on the sets. Let’s see who will be the first actress to work with him after this incident, no one I guess! In fact I am waiting to see who supports him from the film industry. Actor Shakti Kapoor had so many people backing him when he was caught with a hidden camera misbehaving with a girl.

Shiney did Father William once again, remember his film Sins, watch it and you’ll know what I am talking about.

Ahuja confesses to the crime.

1 pm- 3 pm:
Shiney Ahuja allegedly rapes his housemaid 
3-6 pm: The maid meets her relatives and narrates the incident    
6.30-7 pm: She goes to Oshiwara police station to file a complaint against Ahuja
8.30 pm: The police go to Ahuja’s house at Tarapore Gardens, Oshiwara, and bring him in for inquiry
9 pm – 2 am: The police question Ahuja in an air-conditioned room
2 am: The police take the maid to the police hospital in Nagpada for medical tests 
4.30 am: She is brought back to the police station
5.15 am: Ahuja is taken for his medical test
Around 5.45 AM: Ahuja is finally arrested

Next time Mr. Shiney how about spending some money and getting a call girl. Don’t assume that you are an actor and getting raped by you is a trophy for a maid which she will happily show off to others.

A Rape is a Rape which is not negotiable! He should be thrown out of bollywood industry. Wonder what Bollywood people’s blog have to say?

It’s still hard to believe that a talented and my favourite actor Shiney Ahuja can do such a shameful act like this.

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  1. he is a bastard. kick his Ass…

  2. Get a nice perfumed high class call girl. Maid is so low standard for a smart guy like you. Call girls are reliable and Shssss. trust me!:))

  3. Rohit it is a rape. I think you are getting confused. You have sex with call girls not rape.

  4. why in bollywood we have all kinda ciminals
    take a look here as a example
    shakti kapoor
    mahesh manjrekar
    raja chaudhari
    and now shahini ahuja

    might be i m missing some name here

    that means they are thinking that after being famous they can do what ever they want.

    gov. of india has to give him death not jail

  5. […] Shiney was arrested in June 2009 after his maid servant alleged that he had raped her while they were alone at his home. He was later released on bail. But the million dollar question is will he be accepted by the female contestants of the house? Thank God there’s no maid in the house….! […]

  6. […] is married to Anupam Ahuja. They have a daughter named Arshiya, born in 2007. He was accused of raping his maid in 2009, and was arrested, but was later released on […]


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