Shilpa’s biggest premiere in London

May 10th, 2007

Ok Let’s talk about Shilpa Shetty again, the girl is getting hotter and richer, Thanks to her stars and Celebrity Big Brother UK.

Walah! After big brother whenever she was on the TV, I was just glued to it. Her saree, makeup and style everything just attracted me. Ok now I am giving up a very big secret, when she was in big brother house I use to watch her 24/7 just to get a glimpse of her putting on makeup. But she is very smart, she never did her makeup in the bathroom in front of big mirror, instead she use to sneak into the toilet and do the makeup (didn’t give me any makeup tips). I use to like the way she did her eyes and lips makeup.

ShilpaMumShamitaI thought the premiere of her film “Life in a Metro” at the Empire – Leicester Square London, last night will be a very big hit and that she will look gorgeous that day. But I was disappointed to see her in that very simple “Ghagra-Choli,” she was just looking like an ordinary girl. I would say girls in London would dress better than her for such a big occasion. Not only her, her whole family was looking ordinary. Sister Shamita was wearing a green saree and mother was also not that impressive. I mean I have seen her mother in a red saree, accompanying Shilpa for parliament house in London, I was like whoa! She is looking great.Daniel

On top of that she invited “Danielle Lloyd” and Lloyd was looking hot. She was wearing Eric Way black dress which was slit to the thigh, revealing a little too much. The two hugged and kissed (Shilpa didn’t looked as keen for the kiss as Lloyd, who waited for half an hour in the cinema lobby for Shilpa to arrive) on the red carpet in front of fans, but there was no room for Shilpa’s former Big Brother nemesis Jade Goody.

Shetty’s publicist Max Clifford (a very famous name in UK as PR Guru) reportedly took Goody off the guest list for the “Life In A…Metro” premiere after she was originally invited.

Lloyd said: “Shilpa invited me here. I’ve come to support her. “It’s my first Bollywood movie and I’m really excited.” The model said fans outside had given her a good reception, despite her reputation taking a nose dive after she appeared on the Channel 4 reality show. “Everyone has been fantastic. Everyone has been really supportive,” she said.

Basically the whole lot from India was looking stupid and more stupid, with no sense of dressing and no style. Please can somebody tell me the name of their dress designer, I want to kill him or he/she should be banned from designing for big events like this one. John Abraham was looking king of stupid with that rubbish monkey cap and trust me it was not at all cold here(London).

In short I only liked Daniel, sexy and confident in the whole episode.

I hope the film do well for Shilpa. Good-luck Shilpa.  More Photos

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  1. Yep I read that news too,isn’t it surprising that after her stint on Big Brother she has bocmee such an international celebrity with all the Brits so much in love with her :)


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