Shetty Sisters on Koffee with Karan, Ahh Haa!

June 4th, 2007

I would like to start with their gorgeous, lovely, dignified mother (she kind of looks like my mother, chubby & strict). I really respect her the way she handle her daughters and support them. And she said a wonderful thing, if Fathers can look after their sons and be with them, than what’s wrong if a mother is looking after her daughters and be with them.

I knew this and I did tell all my friends and Pradeep that some astrologer must have told Shilpa that she will have international fame and fortune in her 30s, you know how these stars are totally dependent on astrologer and numerologist. God! What I didn’t know was that Shilpa’s own mother is an astrologer and she did admit that she knew Shilpa will be famous one day. So I was right!

Moving on to the show, Shilpa was not looking hot at all, yeah she does have a great body but why you wanna show it off all the time, Babe. I mean the red dress she was wearing made her looked like a B grade film actress. Infact Shamita was looking quite pretty. But the show was rocking, was bit boring in the start when everything was about Big brother. I must admit this, Shilpa is a very down-to-earth girl. Whatever she said was right from her heart, she was so real and genuine. She even had tears in her eyes when she talked about how Indian media tried to pull her down, by digging up her past (Akshay Kumar) and writing nonsense. I think she still have a soft corner for Akshay, she had choked voice and teary eyes when she said “Akshay and I will never go to the extend to bring down each others dignity, I have lot of respect for the fact that he is married and a father, I am sure he ll’be very happy for me to see that I have moved on and had made it in life.”

I am sure Darling, he must be very happy for your success and must be regretting to marry Twinkle over you and Raveena Tandon.

Poor soul Shilpa, had to justify that she is not a B Grade actress by reminding that she had worked with all the super stars in the industry. Anyway, Shilpa taught me one good thing which her mom has taught her “Chanakya Niti” which is “to kill with sweetness”. So from today if I am extra sweet to anybody that means “Trouble”, no more anger and frustration, only sweetsssssssss. Be careful, Jaanu.

Shamita was fun and lovely too. The rapid fire round was not fire at all, b’cox questions were not very good. But the survey for Shilpa in London was very good, people in London seems to like Shilpa a lot. Especially the ones who hate Jade.

Over all it was fun to watch Shilpa & Shamita being so natural on the show.

Yeah! Here’s a message from Karan, “we (Shilpa, Shamita and Karan) are sending our matrimonial details, marry us we are available” and he took a break on this note. I hope Karan’s inbox is chock-a-block with the proposals so far. Well, Shilpa is already getting so many proposals and Shamita I guess is quite capable of helping herself.

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P.S. I will post my moms photo, once I get my scanner sorted.

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