Sherlyn Chopra evicted and Vindu misbehaved

October 30th, 2009

Finally Sherlyn bai is out of Bigg Boss house. Her eviction was made little sad and dramatic by Amitabh Bachchan. She was allowed to ask all other housemates to give reason for nominating her again and again. On face every one was nice and said that she was just a scapegoat. Only Poonam and Ismail were the two people who said that they never nominated her, which came as a shock to all other people sitting there. But in end they all admitted that Sherlyn had improved a lot since week one.

Before leaving the house she was given two choices of task, from which she had to pick one and assign it to a person who would perform the task for entire week. First task was to do the cleaning and second was, whoever Sherlyn choose for the task will not put his/her feet on the ground for entire week. No feet on the ground task was rejected by all the housemates. For cleaning task Sherlyn picked Vindu as she thought he is a strong man and can pull the task easily.

But 51 year old Vindu’s behaviour towards her after that was very rude, he showed her the finger, called her stupid, gadhi etc, and asked her to leave the house immediately. While reading all this it might not sound very bad but watching Vindu behaving like that was really a shock. He looked mentally unstable and showed no respect towards Sherlyn. He also forgot that he is on national TV. That’s the beauty of this show, to show the real people behind that so called celebrity mask. Bigg Boss is getting what it wants…TRP!

Next week its Vindu and Rohit up for eviction and Vindu has to leave. He is disgusting and a shame to Dara Singh’s name.

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  1. Vindu’s behaviour was sick, he proved why his 1st marriage broke and that why he didn’t get anyone from iNdia and why he had go to for forgein national. his 2nd wife is a forienger. poor lady will now realize she has married to such a pathetic man.


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