Sheena Nayar in horror “Mallika” [Video]

August 12th, 2010

Sexy Sheena Nayar enters the Bollywood with a horror flick called ‘Mallika’ releasing on 3 September 2010. Mallika was previously titled as number "8".

Leading actors are Sameer Dattani, Mamik, Suresh Menon, Himanshu Malik, Rajesh khera and introducing Sheena Nayar along with two new girls in the film. Film is shot in an isolated mysterious fort of Jodhpur Rajasthan.

Mallika is directed by Wilson Louis and will be released under the banners of Percept Picture Company’s PPC Horrotainment wing, together with Glorious Entertainment.

The posters of Mallika says all, "new face of beauty and fear". Let’s hope audience gets some real hair-raising horror experience and not a waste of time and money.

Says Sheena:
Nowadays when trends and cliches no longer work in the industry, I thought picking up horror as my first film would create intrigue and interest not only in the film but also in me.

Mallika Trailer

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