Shakira’s “Gypsy” video and boyfriend

April 8th, 2010

Latino babe Shakira’s album “She Wolf” and “Gypsy” are out now, and she is looking stunning in both the album. She is feeling sexier than ever. Four years after releasing her last album, Shakira made a musical comeback with the track She Wolf, which peaked at No 4 in the UK. And in the video for her new single Gypsy, she romps with Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal, 23.

Shakira reckons it’s only since she turned 30 that she has felt truly comfortable with her body.

“I wished I was taller, had longer legs, slimmer hips, a smaller bottom, even straighter hair. I’m just like all women, we’re born to criticise ourselves. Now I’m in my 30s I’m very happy with who I am.” I’ve worked my butt off to look like this,” she laughs. “I’ve achieved the body I have now through hard work and careful eating. “I’ve worked out every day, either running, doing gym work or dancing. I haven’t been on the scales for a year but I know I’ve made my body leaner, trimming my hips and bottom.”

Gypsy Video

While juggling her music career she enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles, under the name Isabel Mebarak, to study history. She’s also famed for her charity work, having set up the Barefoot Foundation, which educates underprivileged children in Columbia.

Shakira Not getting married:

She’s in a lovely and steady relationship with her boyfriend of 10 years, tycoon Antonio de la Rúa, 37 – although the pair will never marry.

“Our relationship is very romantic,” she says. “And I want to be his eternal girlfriend. “The idea of wearing a white dress is very romantic but the real point of marriage is a contract and that’s not romantic to me. I didn’t want to be under pressure to name a day. Then after the marriage, the only thing people want to know is when the divorce will be.”

But the singer is planning on starting a family soon, saying: “My plan is to do a world tour and then think about having a baby. My body clock isn’t going crazy but I feel ready. My body feels ready.”

“For my boyfriend I’m most sexy when I have bare feet, no make-up and curly hair,” laughs the 5ft 2in star. “He loves me being small and I’ve now learned to love being small.”

Well, they do say the best things come in small packages!

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