Shahrukh Khan slapped Shrish Kunder Farah Khan’s husband

January 30th, 2012

SHAME ON YOUR SHAHRUKH KHAN. First Salman Khan, and now Shrish Kunder.

After attending the Filmfare awards  Shah Rukh Khan made his way to Sanjay Dutt’s  home on Sunday, well past midnight, to attend the Agneepath success party.

Shahrukh ran into friends turned foes Farah Khan and husband Shrish Kunder at the party and confronted confronted Kunder about his Ra.One jibes on Twitter. A war of words followed, which suddenly turned to blows.

Sanjay Dutt intervened and stopped SRK from beating Kunder even further.

Later, Dutt and Sameer Arya (brother-in-law of filmmaker Goldie Behl) escorted SRK out.

Slap Cause : Shrish Kunder making fun of Ra.One on twitter. Kunder tweets on Ra.One 

  1. "The super hero in Ra One has all the powers in the world, but to entertain."
  2. "I just heard a 150 cr firework fizzle."
  3. "Bodyguard is trending. Everything else is pending."

Farah Khan SMS to reporter :

‘Shahrukh has always told me that physical abuse is the worst way 2 sort out a problem, n that its means the person who’s hitting has either a personal or professional crisis going on, n it saddens me 2 see him doing the same.’

Shahrukh Khan has confirmed to NDTV that while there was a disagreement, there was certainly no assault but Farah camps maintains it was random and unsolicited attack by Shahrukh.

Atleast now we know that Shrish Kunder is not visionary. he just tweeted few hours ago that “What cannot be seen with eyes, can be seen with vision”

Twitter Reactions :

  1. SRK: "So which fairness cream do you use?" Shrish Kunder: "Fair And lovely" SRK: "Nalayak…."
  2. While Salman Khan is "Being Human", SRK is "Being Salman."
  3. You can take a guy out of Delhi but you can not take Delhi out of the guy
  4. Giant Ra.One imprint found on Shirish Kunder‘s face.
  5. Shah Rukh Khan finally has the biggest ‘hit’ of 2012 thanks to Shirish Kunder.
  6. SRK thrashing Shirish Kunder is outrageous. Hope he’s booked for attempting to outrage the modesty of a woman.
  7. So wait did Shirish Kunder say "thapad se dar nahi lagta sahib,farah khan se lagta he"
  8. Angered at not having won the Filmfare for Best Actor last night, SRK takes it out on Shirish Kunder.

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  1. yeah shahrukh khan did something that will damage his image.I feel after a long successful career of more then two decades he is losing popularity.this made people loose control over their behavior.It does not reflect in their everyday life but anger, frustration keep on collecting in their subconscious mind,sudden out bursts are result of this anger. It’s unfortunate but yeah men do behave this way.

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