Shahid flying fighter plane F-16IN Super Viper

February 5th, 2011

Apna handsome Shahid will soon fly the F-16IN Super Viper fighter plane. US aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin Corporation has offered India its tailor-made advanced F-16IN Super Viper aircraft for the Indian Air Force.

Shahid will participate in the Aero India 2011 in Bangalore where he will fly the plane on February 11. He will fly the plane at the Indian Air Force Station Yelahanka, as a part of the show which goes on air from February 9 to 13.

Till today no actor has got a chance to sit in one of the fastest flying planes in the world. Other than Shahid, Ratan Tata has been the only other Indian to have got permission to fly the F16. Tata flew a 20 mins sortie in a twin seat F-16 at the 2007 Aero India Show.

Shahid’s gone through rigorous training for the last one month and will continue to do so till his flying date. Apart from the training, he’s gone through number of medical tests that need to be approved before he can actually sit in the cockpit. Most of these tests are related to flying at a very high velocity and making sure the person doesn’t suffer from motion sickness. Till now he’s passed most of the medical tests and there are a couple more which will happen in the coming days.
Before he gets into the cockpit he will run a flight simulation test which will be like flying the actual flight in the same conditions.

This entire stunt can also be the part of promotion for his upcoming film “Mausam” in which he plays an Air Force pilot in opposite Sonam Kapoor. As a part of his role, he’s getting acquainted with the various aspects of fighter planes and also meeting air-force personnel to get in depth knowledge.

Sheetal Talwar producer of Mausam confirms. "Yes Shahid would be flying F 16. Shahid would get the opportunity to feel the thrills, major adrenaline rush that a pilot goes through during course of duty.”

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