Shaadi! Na Na ya Ha Ha

April 12th, 2007

Lo Kar lo Baat, we are still in dilemma about Ash & Abhi getting married or not, who are invites and what will be the venue or food or Dulha-Dulhen ka jooda and things like that.

And here comes one more shock Salman & Katrina got married.
Abe jine do yaar, everyday someone getting married, I think the whole film industry is getting married or divorce. My suggestions to Salu would be that “please get married but on danke ki chot pe.” If you love someone, want to be with them for the rest of ur life, then what’s the bloody problem. Band-baje ke saath shaadi karo and invite us also. Afterall you only get married once (if u really believe in love and marriage). salmankatrina

Salu I am with you, please I want to see a big fat wedding, and this will give a nice tight kick on AshAbhi’s Ass. Who are throwing soooooo many tantrums for their so called private family affair wedding. Getting on my nerves!

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