Second wild card entry in BB–Vivek Mishra

October 17th, 2013

Last night we saw all hell broke literally! There’s no Hell-Heaven funda anymore. It’s all a big BiggBoss house with all the contestants under one roof. All the contestants have to accommodate together under one roof which will surely create the much needed drama which was missing from the house.

There’s one more wild card entry in the house last night. Vivek Mishra, a yoga teacher by profession, is known for his notorious nude yoga techniques. Mishra, in the past, has also accused Shweta Tiwari’s ex-husband Raja Chaudhary of attempting to rape him. Viveik is possibly the only yoga trainer to preach naked yoga in India despite the apprehensions.

Vivek Mishra’s entry was also very dramatic. He entered the house as a masked man. He walks towards the fridge and looks for water. He later removes the mask and this is when everybody realises that he is the new entrant of the ‘Bigg Boss 7’ house. He wishes everybody Eid Mubarak and introduces himself as Vivek Mishra.

Bold, Funny, Witty Viveik is perfectly aware about his gay rights and is always in support of his fellow comrades in the community. Good for Andy, he gets a companion in the house.

So after a non-Hindi speaking model Asif, who is funny enough to hear and watch. We have a nude yoga instructor in the house. Now let’s see how many students does Vivek get in the house?

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