“Schweppes” Ad video of Arjun Rampal and Nicole Kidman

May 8th, 2009

Here’s the lovely and sensuous “Schweppes” ad done by Nicole Kidman and Arjun Rampal and also featuring Slumdog child actor, Rubina Ali. Ad is directed by Shekhar Kapur.

Unfortunately the much talked ad and the hype it has created about Arjun doing an international project is all a damp squid. Ad is all about Nicole Kidman and Arjun is just seen for 1 second in the end. Ad product and concept are both mismatch, Nicole Kidman unzip for Arjun Rampal or a bottle of Schweppes?

Ad is nonsense and had left me bit confused, but very happy to see Rubina getting more work and exposure.


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  1. Looks like Nicole is doing what she is good at – getting naked! But the music in the video sounds very good.

  2. yeah, there’s nothing so special about this video. Anyway I don’t like either of them (Arjun & Nicole)

  3. This video is not in hindi? is the ad released in India?


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