Sara – Ali split

December 23rd, 2010

I knew this will happen, but so soon! Sara Khan Merchant has removed Merchant from her house and life. She is back to her dumdaar Khan only! They are separated.

Sara and Ali “the” newlywed couple are not staying under one roof from some time. Sara has kicked Ali from her house for good.

Sara was shocked to know that Ali had turned extra extravagant when she was away in the house with her earnings. A few days back, they had a massive argument leading to a bitter fight with Sara telling him to leave their Lokhandwala home. Ali has since then been staying with his parents.

Sara’s official spokesperson said, "It’s a personal matter but yes it’s true. Sara and Ali are not together anymore. After she got back from the Bigg Boss house she found out a lot of things and was hurt and she took this decision. That’s all we can say."

Ali side story: "Yes, I am not staying with her. But it is not due to any problems between us. It is because of her family members who still do not accept me. I want to win their approval and then live with Sara. I need time to win them over and I feel it is better I am not with Sara for the moment. Sara’s family had issues with me from Day One. They were the ones who went around saying that we were already married earlier and stayed away from the wedding celebrations in Bigg Boss."

Sara’s mother, Seema Khan, who always opposed the match, is ecstatic. “Yes, they have separated. We were anyway against the TV wedding and no one in our family likes Ali. Waise bhi yeh shaadi Ali ne dhoke se ki thi.”

Sara’s parents had claimed that their television wedding was staged and that Ali was only after her money.

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