Sangram Backstabbed Andy Nominated Gauhar and Saved Tanisha

December 15th, 2013

Bigg Boss 7 show is inching towards the finale week.  We may see lot of twists and turns. Here is the right time to see the strength and honesty of Bigg Boss housemates. Will they be able to survive the constants of Bigg Boss house – changing equations, changing relationship? Tanisha survived the nomination today and became second finalist of the Bigg Boss 7 show, along with Sangram.

Kammya gone.. Six more to go . The BB7 show concludes on on Saturday, 28th December 2013 so until then to see the winner of Bigg Boss 7.

BusinesofCinema reports the twist in last nomination of Bigg Boss season 7.

AJAZ, KUSHAL, ARMAAN, ANDY & GAUAHAR are nominated for the eviction next week 

Nominations :

  1. Kushal Tandon – Armaan and Tanisha
  2. Gauahar Khan – Armaan and Tanisha
  3. Ajaz Khan – Armaan and Tanisha
  4. Armaan Kohli – Kushal and Ajaz
  5. Tanisha Mukherjee – Kushal and Ajaz
  6. Andy Kumar – Kushal and Ajaz

Kamya the evictee of last week used the special power and nominated Andy.

Sangram was given a special power as the captain of the house. He had to save one housemate, and nominate the other. What do you think?  Who would have been saved by Sangram? Everybody must have thought that Sangram would Andy, but “NO”. Here the game change -  he backstabbed Andy who made him captain last week. Brotherhood, friendship, all the promises of “Hum saath saath hai” went for toss when Sangram saved Tanisha over Andy, which is a big blow for Andy. He had to nominate one housemate for the evication, so he picked Gauahar Khan.

With this cheeky move Sangram has crowned Andy Kumar as the winner of Bigg Boss 7

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