Salman’s Left, Right and Center to Kushal

October 27th, 2013

Loved Salman yesterday!!! He looked and danced….uff! Sone pe suhaga was the attitude for Kushal…I mean the way he removed his blazer and fold his sleeves, bet Kushal was half dead there and then. I knew this will happen….and was eagerly waiting for Salman.

Salman you looked sweetheart in peach blazer and shirt.

Kushal and his mouth piece were made shhh by Salman in such a marvellous manner that even Kamya and Pratyusha was frozen. Salman was right, all the TV walas ganged against Armaan and Tanisha.

Those 3 mins where Kushal came out of the box have ruined his career/image and on top of that face reader said he’ll not be a successful actor. Gauhar hope you heard that…his “face” says that he is an idiot and not a Superstar, like you said to the face reader. Gauhar and Kushal kare to very decent and Armaan-Tanisha kare to how cheap!

`Kushal himself didn’t spend even 5 mins inside the box and when it came to trouble others he was first one to behave like an idiot spoilt brat. We all saw how he behaved with Tanisha and what not did he shovel in the box. On other hand Kamya came out complete dry. Now what is this called?

I just hate Gauhar and Kushal! Kushal is such an ugly creature, don’t know how he was first runner up of Grasim Mr.India contest. Actually he deserve girlfriend like Candy Brar, who is soon going to show some jalwa to Miss Me Me – Gauhar!

Kamya initially was very good and came out as a strong contender but now she has made her fool and justified her divorce. I think her reason to hate Tanisha and Armaan is that she had a crush on Armaan and was trying to get him, but there came Tanisha and everything went for a toss…..poor Kamya started her revenge!

Pratyusha don’t even deserve my words or attention….so go away!

Just waiting for Ajaz Khan and Candy Brar to enter the house and drop the bomb……ab aa raha hai maaza!!!

Love you Salman! xxxx

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