Salman and Govinda Rocks in Partner

July 26th, 2007

Yesterday I saw “Partner” and it was highly amusing. As usual you can’t expect any sense from David Dhawan’s movie, so I just went empty head to the theatre with no expectations of a very “Dhasu” storyline. I just wanted to see Govinda and Salman together under David Dhawan’s direction.

And I must say film was fantabulous. “My” Salman was like a hot pepper in it. He is a real hunk we have in the industry. Don’t know why, but he is getting hot and sexy day by day. On other hand I am very happy to see Govinda back on track and doing things he is good at. “Bhagam Bhaag” didn’t give him that much exposure, but Partner has definitely done wonders for Govinda. I hope he don’t go back to his shit Politics and live a life of an unknown man. He should know that “Bollywood” is the place he belongs to.

The whole movie revolves around Govinda, he was little bit over weight in the film, but was very good in making us laugh. The best thing in the film is Govinda’s ringtone “crazy frog” it was lovely and never heard that before in any bollywood movie, infact if I am not wrong never in any Hollywood movie also.

The comedy in the dialogues is in rhyme. For instance when Govinda finds Salman with his (Govinda’s) girlfriend on a boat, he says “Tu meri girlfriend ka saiyaan ban ke, naiiya ke upar, chaiyya chaiyya kar raha hai”. Or in another scene when Govinda forgets to wear his pants, Salman says: “Dude, you’re practically nude”. The film has many more hilarious dialogues like these with rhyming words.

Girls now have a very stylish answer for boys who keep asking their mobile number. Thanks to Salman.
Salman: Jaldi se apna mobile number deke mujhe ke surprise dedo
Lara: To likhye, Nokia double 6 double 0.

Songs in the film are very well picturised and bang on time. Title song and “You my Love” are my favourites. Salman and Lara looks freaking hot-hot in song “You my love”. Best scene in this song is when both Salman and Lara does a action of blowing flute……love it. Lara once again is looking gorgeous (last she was hot in JBJ). Katrina as usual looks likes a Barbie doll, not for acting.

Story of Partner:
Prem (Salman Khan) is a Love Guru and likes nothing better than helping lonely soles find there sole mates. But he almost throws the towel in when he meets the hopeless chubby Bhaskar (Govinda). Bhaskar has set his sites to high – on the beautiful heiress Priya Jaisingh (Katrina Kaif). As Prem tries to teach his worst student, he finds himself getting involved with journalist Naina (Lara Dutta). The two love stories move ahead. With more than a little help from Love Guru, Bhaskar is able to make a notable impression on Priya and win her affection. On the other hand, Prem makes his advances on Naina.
Things take a turn when Priya’s father fixes her marriage with a foreigner. This is when Bhaskar arrives on the marriage scene to win her hand. The best sequence of ‘Partner’ comes in the end, when both Govinda and Salman are having their honeymoon in adjacent rooms.

All over “Partner” is a superb comedy film that I have had, after “Jhoom Barabar Jhoom”. Both the films have no storyline but great humour.

Some are saying that ‘Partner’ is heavily inspired from the Hollywood film ‘Hitch’. Who cares, Hollywood doesn’t have Salman Khan and Govinda.

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  1. sanjay have to got bail he is a very good man

  2. sanjay is great give him bail

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