Sakshi Pradhan pregnant in Bigg Boss 4

October 12th, 2010

Is she or is she not, she only knows but if she is than it’s a shocka for everybody including herself.

Will she keep the baby or abort the baby? Who is the father of the baby, so many questions to answer Sakshi? Anyway wait is not long you will be voted out this Friday. Seema and Sameer are going to stay till end.

Sakshi Pradhan seemed rather tense for the past two days. It was only when she confided to Sara Khan that the reason came to light.
It seemed Sakshi thought she was pregnant. Sara and she then consulted Shweta Tiwari, who told Sakshi not to worry. She also spoke to her about abortion measures. 

To confirm if she was pregnant or not, Sakshi requested Bigg Boss to send a female physician so that she could take a pregnancy test.

We would love to see all this baby worries ‘if’ Bigg Boss allow?

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